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About Us

The Sudbury Métis Council is a charter member of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), The Charter Agreement along with the Community Code and Community Electoral code are the policy documents that the SMC refers to when holding mandatory community elections. These documents also outline the rules and regulations for conducting council business and ensuring transparency and accountability through sound fiscal management. 


The community represented by the Sudbury Métis Council is described geographically as follows:



From Key River follow the Key River in a western direction till it intersects with Georgian Bay. Follow the shoreline of Georgian Bay in a westerly direction to George Island from George Island proceed in a southwesterly direction till you intersect with the eastern tip of Manitoulin Island (Wikwemikong) follow the easter shoreline of Manitoulin Island in a southern direction around the shoreline of Manitoulin Island through South Bay Mouth to Providence Bay. Continue along the shoreline to Burnt Island, around the shoreline of Meldrum Bay, continue along the shoreline of Manitoulin Island until you reach Little Current.



From Little Current draw a vertical line north to Webbwood. From Webbwood proceed in a northerly direction following the Spanish River until you reach the northern tip of Pogamasing Lake.



From the northern tip of Hwy 805 follow Hwy 805 in a southern direction until Hwy 805 intersects with Hwy 35A. Follow Hwy 35A south to River Valley, continue southeast to Desauliners, from Desauliniers draw a vertical line south to 3km east of Verner. From Verner proceed southwest to Key River.